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Posted by queenoftorts 15 Jan 2007, 13:45
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Hi again. Now that I have learned how to properly tack the guarnicion and crupper. My only other question is: what do you do with the extra length of the leadline from the headstall when you are in the saddle? I prefer to use my rawhide headstall and leadline but find the looped remainder is to bulky to just tie up at the saddle, not to mention agravating as it loosens up and has to be retied constantly. I have noticed at the shows that somehow the remainder is looped around the saddle under the skirt and above the corona. Once I get this straightend out I know we will both be more comfortable out on the trail and in the field. My four year old is being very patient with me. He is so well trained and well mannered that he has put up with my inexperience with his tack like an older horse with much more experience. Recently after a long ride and a charge up a hill, his saddle slipped dangerously back. Standing in a strange field, on an incline, he stood perfectly still while I loosened and readjusted his saddle. While I now know to use a breast collar, I also know that this four year old is brave and confident under such conditions. This breed is like no other that I have owned over the past 20 years. I learn something amazing from him almost every day. Thanks for listening! :)

Posted by PPforum 15 Jan 2007, 18:35


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I see three choices. Tie the lead at the front of the saddle in a coil. Tie the lead at the rear of the saddle after running it under the right side skirt to the rear of the saddle. Or Loop it under the saddle skirt as you mention.

Starting from the left side of the horse leaving enough slack for the lead to hang properly, run the line in front of the saddle, crossing to the horse's right side. Lift the saddle skirt and run the line under the skirt to the rear of the saddle, keeping it to the top. Now over the saddle buckle (I believe some people go under the buckle) and under the skirt on the right side back to the front of the saddle. Depending on how much lead is left, it can then be looped back around the original lead from the halter and run back under the left side saddle skirt again.

It truly is an amazing breed. Glad you are enjoying your horse.

Posted by celestinaranch 28 Jul 2007, 10:27
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I do a slight variation on tying the lead rope in the front. I make a "figure eight" with loops on each side and tie it in the middle. This way, it isn't too bulky on either side, and is less likely to pull loose.

Jocelyn Hastie
High River, AB, Canada
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